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Texoma Patriots

 Founded in freedom

The right to be free is endowed by our Creator and is the premise of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the American way of life. The Constitution is a timeless document that guarantees our basic freedoms. We support personal freedom so all Americans can live life the way they want as long as it does not harm others, or infringe on another’s rights.

GOALS: educate voters on conservative issues and candidates ensure freedom and prosperity for future generations advocate and support citizens and public servants who support our core values






Core Beliefs

The United States is the economic miracle, the model to which the world once again turns. We stand for an idea whose time is now: Only by lifting the weights from the shoulders of all can people truly prosper and can peace among all nations be secure.


We believe that our freedom is America’s greatest strength, and that any policy or action that restricts or erodes that strength is detrimental to the potential and growth of our country.

Texoma Patriots

Core Beliefs

When our leaders pick and choose which elements of the laws they choose to enact or grant waivers and exemptions to groups of their choice, they undercut the Constitution and demonstrate to us their belief that laws do not apply to them, and that they think they are different from the citizens who elect them. When government leaders lose the public’s trust, we will exercise our right to be outspoken, and to vote, and to say “No More.”

The government has become too big and too powerful and many of those in Washington have grown out of touch with the citizens they represent. We recognize the government is slowly taking away basic freedoms we each deserve. For instance, every American deserves the freedom to make a phone call and send an email without the government monitoring what we say and write. Every American should have the right to choose our own doctor and which insurance plan we want to purchase without the government penalizing us for not purchasing something we do not want or need.   Washington continues to pass laws taking even more freedoms away.  Americans sense a freedom gap, between how we value freedom and how free we actually feel today, with an elevated sense that the American Dream is becoming harder to reach.

We support policies that protect and defend personal freedom and individual rights, and the ability to pursue the American Dream without government intrusion.   We also support policies that will reclaim those freedoms and rights that have been eroded through intrusive policies of unaccountable politicians and Washington bureaucrats, many of whom answer to special interests and lobbyists rather than their electorate.

Texoma Patriots

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