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Texoma Patriots February 2021 Newsletter - revision



Once again, we are postponing our meeting with Grassroots Gold due to the severe weather conditions in our area. We plan to have them back on March 25th - by then it will be Spring and the snow should be gone. In the meantime, check out their website:

Our next scheduled meeting is

February 23 (Tuesday) at 7 p.m.

Location: Buck Snort BBQ

224 E. Jefferson St, Van Alstyne


Topic: Children & Gender Modification (Legislative Priority #3)


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- We have invited 3 dynamic speakers to inform you about legislation to prohibit gender modification/reassignment of children.

- Speakers are: Jill Glover, Kevin Whitt, and Dr. Bobby Lopez

- This serious issue caught the public’s attention with Jeff Younger’s on-going legal battle to save his son from being surgically transitioned to a girl by Jeff’s ex-wife.

- We will hear first hand testimony of the damaging effects caused by sex hormone therapy.

- Dr. Lopez will expose the radical LGBTQ agenda and the millions of $$$ directly funding conservative organizations, churches, and seminaries to destroy our Biblical foundation.

- Delegates to the Texas GOP convention votes that as a critical item to deal with in this 87th legislative session.

- Hope you will join us.

Everyone is welcome.

Bring a friend with you!

"Silence makes cowards out of the best of men.” — Abraham Lincoln

Texoma Patriots,

P O Box 504,

Van Alstyne TX 75495 - - @teapartytexoma

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Enjoy the day!

Texoma Patriots

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