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Chairman Allen West's Monday Message for 3.15.21

Constitutionalists vs. Secessionists

Good Monday morning, everyone! I pray y'all had a great weekend.

I am really excited about this time of the year because it is March Madness. We all have our brackets. I pray that we will be able to get through the NCAA college basketball tournament without major disruptions.

However, there is another kind of "madness" going on in America right now. It is a madness that threatens to undermine the very foundation and fabric of our constitutional Republic, our America.

Former NY Times opinion writer Bari Weiss wrote an article this past week in City-Journal called "The Miseducation of America's Elites." It addressed one of the aspects of the madness that is happening in our America. We are allowing the insidious cancel culture to thrive due to our cowardice in challenging and confronting it.

To think we have some elitist college prep school in New York sending a memo telling parents that the use of words such as "mom" and "dad" are prohibited is absurd. To have parents accept that is highly disconcerting.

If there is one thing I credit the progressive socialist left for, it is their delusional tenacity. They know that they are totalitarian tyrannical bullies, but, hey, their ends justify their means. They are highly adept at dominating the narrative and manipulating language as a means to neutralize or destroy any and all political opposition.

For instance, if you disagree with their ideological agenda, you are branded a white supremacist (yeah, even me), racist, extremists, and, now, insurrectionists. All last year we watched real domestic terrorist groups -- like Antifa and BLM -- enact violence against federal government facilities, law enforcement agencies, law enforcement officers, and cordon off sections of cities . . . and the Democrats said nothing.

Now we have the FBI raiding homes of Americans and arresting them, with no bail, because of the events of January 6, 2021, wherein an unarmed woman was shot in the back by a Capitol Police officer, and killed. For the left, this former US Air Force veteran's death is justified, her life meaningless because she was white. If she had been Black, perhaps her family would be getting a $27 million payoff.

We need to shift the narrative against the progressive socialist left. We who believe in our fundamental principles and values are constitutionalists. We believe in a more perfect union of those who honor and follow the rule of law, our Constitution. We are not extremists. We are not threats to America or our democracy.

By contrast, the progressive socialists on the left are the new secessionists. They are the ones breaking away from our rule of law and seeking to implement their leftist, anti-constitutional agenda. They are seceding from our Constitution in any and every manner.

Joe Biden seeks to rule over us by Executive Oder. Take, for instance, his Executive Orders implementing an open borders policy. Biden is seceding from America, and for me, abdicating his duties and responsibilities as president. He is making himself out to be a resident of the White House and a petty dictator.

The Democrat-controlled Congress is seceding from our Constitution by passing anti-Constitutional legislation such as HR 1. The federal government has no enumerated right to "nationalize" our elections, but that is what the oxymoronic titled "For the People Act" does.

HR 5 breaks from our Constitution and our freedom of religion, and the free exercise thereof. HR 5 will elevate the LGBTQ ideological agenda over our constitutional rights.

This past week, the Democrats and eight Republicans voted for HR 8, which criminalizes a simple act such as a law-abiding citizen lending a weapon to a victim of domestic abuse. However, the Democrats rejected an amendment to report an illegal immigrant seeking to unlawfully purchase a weapon.

Even the recently passed so-called "COVID relief bill" signed into law is being hailed as the largest ever progressive spending measure. In truth, this represents a real secession from our constitutional use of taxpayer dollars. The measure is nothing more than a payoff to the political allies and cronies of the progressive socialist left. And, horribly so, it is an endeavor in economic enslavement of the American people. We should not be surprised, since the history of the Democrat Party was support to physical slavery then, economic now.

Sadly, we even have secessionists in the highest court of the land. Yes, our US Supreme Court has an enumerated duty in the Constitution to hear cases and interpret our laws. They are not to pick and choose which cases based upon cultural or societal impacts. The State of Texas and some 16 other states can only go to the court of original jurisdiction to honor their constitutional right to "petition the government for redress of grievances."

When other states are being secessionists and enacting unconstitutional actions during an election season -- which has an adverse effect on states that are constitutionalists -- the Supreme Court must adjudicate, not abdicate.

The greatest issue in America right now is that we have constitutionalists being overruled by secessionists. The latter being in charge of our federal government at this moment. The danger is their disregard of our constitution, rule of law.

So, what must be done?

It comes back to the Tenth Amendment! States must fight to restore constitutional governance in America and, therefore, restore our Constitutional Republic. Our Constitution-based States must advance the concept of constitutional nullification and form that more perfect union as a buttress against the progressive socialist leftists, the secessionists. This is why the Republican Party of Texas has eight legislative priorities that are rooted in constitutional principles. You can download our digital playbook to become more engaged. (

If America is to survive the scourge of leftists, socialists, Marxists, statists, and communists, we must refer to them as they are. We can no longer be afraid, silent, like the parents in the article by Ms. Weiss. We cannot allow them to dominate and dictate the narrative, as they disparage and denigrate those who want to enjoy their constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties. We must see them -- and their actions -- as the evil they represent, and express that.

We are the constitutionalists. They, the Democrats, are the secessionists who are breaking apart our Constitution and dismissing our rule of law.

Choose today which side you will take. I am a Constitutionalist; my oath has meaning.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B West

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas

Texoma Patriots

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