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VOTE in the Run-off Election - May 24

If you did not vote early, make sure you get to the polls tomorrow, May 24th.

Run-off election for the following Republican positions:

Texas Attorney General

Ken Paxton - incumbent

George P. Bush - land commissioner

Texas Land Commissioner

Dawn Buckingham - state senator

Tim Westley - pastor & GOP historian

Texas Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian - incumbent/chairman

Sarah Stogner - oil & gas attorney

Winners of the state races will be on the November 8th ballot.

Also on the ballot

Precinct Chairman for precincts 106, 109, & 207

Precinct 106

Bert Dowlen

Robin McCoy - incumbent

Precinct 109

Kaaren Teuber

Sue-Lynn Voigt

Precinct 207

Sandra Lawson

Russell Allen


People who did not vote in the March 1 primary can vote in either party’s runoff. But if you cast a ballot in March, you must vote in the same party’s runoff. Visit to check if you are registered to vote.

You can find polling locations for Election Day voting on the Grayson County website - or click on these links.

Email: - Phone: 903-893-VOTE (903-893-8683)

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