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MAY 23, 2020


Y’all don’t want to miss tomorrow! Here is a sneak peak of a few of our speakers....Rick GreenSid MillerBob Hall, State Party Chair James DickeyWarren NorredDavid Roberts D.D.S., Jessica Lewis running against Judge Moye, Stephen Broden, and more we can’t even announce yet. Come tomorrow to Frisco. Bring your lawn chairs and homemade signs and let this rally be one of the biggest yet. Let’s tell all of Texas it’s time to Open 100%.


This event is for all North Texans concerned with liberty. Open ALL businesses, schools and churches NOW! And stop ALL CONTACT TRACING!
We will be at the beautiful park right next to Frisco City Hall. Come enjoy excellent speakers, giveaways and a few surprises!

May 26, 2020


To my Texas politically minded friends & elected officials: NOW is the time to jump in on shutting down the MTX Group $295 Million Contact Tracing Contract. The truth is coming out RAPIDLY. The company is a complete sham! You do NOT want to be on the wrong side of this one in election season. 

Need some reasons? Here's just a few, per our sources:

- The company beat out Accenture and IBM on the Contact Tracing RFP. Yet they have a tiny office in Frisco w/ 10-15 folks? And with no significant previous experience with the State of Texas. 

- The company has NO AUDITED Financial statements! 

- The board of directors has NO Outside members - all employees.

- The contract is reported to include a 1,000 person call center. But MTX has NO call center capability or experience.

- The US corporation is less than 2 years old. The company has only had an office in Texas since September! 

-The company will be receiving millions of data records with sensitive Texans information. And then storing it in India! Who will be monitoring the "monitors"? 

-How is it that a $295 million contract is done without running it past our elected officials? They should have been informed. I'm hearing that our Reps heard about it through the newspaper and were not consulted. 

Need more reasons? Reach out. 

PROTEST at MTX on Tuesday May 26 5 pm - COME JOIN US!

3001 Dallas Pkway #210, Frisco, Tx 75034  Michelle Smith - Morgan McComb ~ Grant Bynum

Texoma Patriots

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