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Texoma Patriots September 2021 - Newsletter #1

The Texoma Patriots Host AG Ken Paxton Monday, September 13, at 7 p.m. Red River Cowboy Church, 3800 Highway 691, Denison, TX

We invite you to come meet Texas' Attorney General Monday evening. Attorney General Ken Paxton will be the guest speaker. Don't miss this one!

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General Paxton has sued the Biden Administration over immigration and oil and gas policies. In his latest success, the Court sided with Texas in the dispute with the Biden Administration over Medicaid funding. He has also successfully sued a vaccine-mandating school district for mandating all district employees receive the jab in violation of Governor Abbott's Executive Order 38. Mask mandates are a current hot issue! The Texas Attorney General is the state's top law enforcement officer. He has held this position since 2015 and is running for reelection. He started his political career as a Tea Party conservative. His first major initiative as attorney general was the formation of a special unit dedicated to combating human trafficking in Texas. He is focused on protecting Texans and upholding Texas laws and the Constitution. He has won major cases for Texas on immigration, school rights, Environmental Protection Agency rules, and religious freedom. Mark your calendar and come! Everyone is welcome to all our events. There is no charge to attend the meetings. This is your opportunity to meet elected officials as well as fellow conservatives and other like-minded freedom loving Texans.

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” —                                                                                   Thomas Paine

"Silence makes cowards out of the best of men.” — Abraham Lincoln
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Enjoy the day!

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