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Are You Part of the Grassroots Movement?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022


Our next meeting is August 11th (Thursday) at Golden Corral -

US Highway 82, Sherman TX, 900 US Highway 82E - at 7 p.m. in the meeting room

Come early so you can eat before the meeting. Everyone is welcome.

There is no charge to attend our meetings. Donations are appreciated.

Our speakers on August 11 are Dr. Dana Myers and Rachel Horton.

These two ladies are our newly elected representatives to the Texas GOP.

They were elected in June by the delegates at the Texas GOP convention in Houston.

Dr. Dana Myers is the Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. She is a staunch conservative advocate for liberty. Devoted to protecting Texas and energizing the Republican Party’s mission, she has identified, educated, trained, and mobilized grassroots activists committed to winning on principle. Dana has participated in the Republican grassroots movement for more than two decades, starting at the local neighborhood, county, and now state level. Her goal is to unite conservatives with a grand purpose — to protect Texas.

Rachel Horton is the Senate District 30 (SD-30) Texas State Republican Executive Committeewoman (SREC) which covers 11 counties. Rachel is committed to being a strong, conservative, and professional voice to represent us. She grew up in the world of grassroots conservatives. A small group of families knew that their freedoms and liberties began at home by first honoring God, praying for current leadership, and faith that God would raise up men and women to step in to lead. She followed that lead as she became politically active in local politics.

The Wikipedia description of GRASSROOTS is: “Grassroots movements and organizations use collective

action from the local level to effect change at the local, regional, national or international level.”

We all have lots of questions about election fraud and getting good candidates, etc., so bring them with you. We will also identify the legislative priorities that are important to Grayson County residents.


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