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Avi Lipkin updates us on Israel and Middle East

Join us on November 15 (Monday) at 7 p.m.

Avi Lipkin from Israel is our speaker for the evening at

Grandy’s in Sherman - 3201 Texoma Parkway

Come early and eat dinner with us

Avi is back in the U.S. Many of you will remember Avi from years past when he spoke at our meetings. He's back in the U.S., and he plans to bring us up-to-date on events in the Middle East as well as the ramifications we could potentially see as the Middle East adjusts to the new regimes. He will discuss the changing of the guard in Israel, the future of the Abraham Accords, the Iran deal with Biden, and much more.

Avi is an American-born Jew who moved to Israel at age 19. He founded and is leading the Judeo-Christian Bible Bloc Party and is contending in Israel’s Knesset elections. In 1990, Avi began lecturing in Christian churches and synagogues in the US as well as appearing on radio and TV. He believes that Islam calls for the destruction of the Jews on Saturday and the Christians on Sunday. He has important information for us to understand. Avi has written several books in English and produced many CDs and DVDs which will be available for purchase.

Everyone is welcome to all our events. There is no charge to attend the meetings. This is your opportunity to meet elected officials and candidates as well as fellow conservatives and other like-minded freedom loving Texans.

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