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Come hear Debbie Georgatos on Tuesday

December 7th (Tuesday) Debbie Georgatos is our guest speaker. Debbie hosts the conservative talk show America, Can We Talk? We are meeting again at the Red River Cowboy Church in Sherman. Start time is 7 p.m. (directions below)

Debbie inspires Americans to actively embrace American-style liberty and strives to protect America’s exceptional nature. She sincerely believes that “We the People” hold the power to shape America’s future! Her talk will cover the torrent of destructive policies that have been unleashed on America by the new administration in Washington.

America has changed dramatically since 2020, and as the Flag Officers for America wrote in their open letter to America “our Nation is in deep peril.” The battle is over whether we will cherish and preserve our national sovereignty and unique national identity or surrender to the massive push toward global governance. Right in the middle of the battle is one of the most consequential issues looming over America: what to do about rampant election fraud. Election integrity is core to the functioning of our constitutional republic and core to the idea of "We the People" holding on to the reins of power. Will we remain free or will we submit to Marxist government-controlled society? Debbie inspires us to make a difference.

Her online show is live on Monday through Thursday at 3 p.m. CT on traditional as well as the newest social media platforms.

Everyone is welcome to all our events. There is no charge to attend the meetings. This is your opportunity to meet elected officials and candidates as well as fellow conservatives and other like-minded freedom loving Texans.

Directions to Red River Cowboy Church: 3800 Highway 691. Take exit 65 off US Highway 75, go west 1/4 mile on Hwy 691. Church is on the left. (close to Texoma Medical Center)

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