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David Lowe running for TX House District 91 on May 24

Parent Patriots all over the State of Texas made our voices heard on May 7th. We are FED UP with the systematic attack on Texas children and parental rights — AND the RINOs who are sitting back and letting it happen… to appease their financial donors.

DavidLowe is a declared candidate to become the Republican nominee for State Representative District 91. David grew up in the DFW area and after high school enlisted in the United States Army. During his honorable 12-year military career, he served in various leadership positions and multiple combat tours.

Rep. Stephanie Klick is running against David Lowe for re-election, but she is up to her ears in swamp money. Among Rep. Klick's biggest donors are the Texas Nurses Association, Texas Medical Association, and Abbvie Pharmaceuticals. The TNA and TMA openly support child "gender-affirming care" and Abbvie makes the child puberty blocker Lupron. Abbvie is now under investigation by the Texas Attorney General. She even put out a TV ad EDITING a sound bite of David speaking. His full sentence said that he will stand on the Tx House Floor and vote NO for any Pro-Life bill that does not abolish abortion in Texas. She ran an add that cut out the last 1/2 of that sentence, so the unsuspecting voter heard David say that he would vote no on ANY Pro-Life bill. THAT is the level of dishonesty and corruption we are dealing with.

David Lowe NEEDS our help TODAY to do one last mail ad to his district to open voters’ eyes to the true level of corruption he is up against. PLEASE visit his website at today to see the full story. And please help David raise $3000 by this Wednesday to be able to mail out to all his prospective supporters. Donations can be made at Thank you so much for your help!

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