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Do Open Borders Threaten Our Safety?

The Texoma Patriots are meeting on Thursday, November 9, at the Red River Cowboy Church, 3800 Highway 691, Sherman. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:15. Our speaker is Richard Green of the Clarion Project.

Green will be speaking to us about the threats posed to Americans by radical Islam and other extremist ideologies. By shining a light on what had been in the dark so long, people and policy makers are starting to recognize the danger and threats to our safety.

Clarion Project is like the neighborhood watch group for extremists in the U.S. ( Have you seen the Fox News developing story titled: "Hezbollah leader praises Hamas terror attack as 'heroic' form of jihad against Israel”? The recent Hamas terrorist attack on Israel has heightened the threat of global Islamic terror. We have open borders. How do we prevent the next attack in our own country?

We invite you to come on Nov 9 to meet Richard Green and learn what the Clarion Project is doing to make us safer.

Tea Party events are fun, friendly, and free. Remember that everyone is welcome. There is no charge to attend, and there are no membership dues. However, donations are appreciated. Here you can meet like-minded freedom loving Texans.

It’s time to Speak Up! Be loud and proud! We can no longer be the silent majority!

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