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Senator Bob Hall comes to Grayson

Our next meeting is May 6th at 7 p.m.

We are meeting at Grandy’s in Sherman, 3201 Texoma Parkway

Our speaker is Texas Senator Bob Hall of Senate District 2

We’ve asked him to talk on two subjects that are important to each of us —

Election Integrity and our Texas Electric Grid

Senator Hall started out in the Tea Party movement and was elected to the Texas Senate in 2014.  He is a trusted conservative leader.

He was involved in the production of the movie Grid Down, Power Up which we showed in October 2022.

Hall authored many bills this last legislative session to help make our elections more secure. Most got lost in the Texas House.  This coming session he will introduce more bills to protect our elections and will need our help in getting them passed.

The Senator will also explain his efforts to protect and harden our Texas grid against solar flares, enemy cyber attacks, vandals destroying the equipment, or extreme weather which are all reasons why our grid could go down.  Without comprehensive security, our lives could again be at stake.  When the world relies on electricity to stay alive, power failures can turn fatal.  Power companies must adopt higher standards for securing the grid.

Come early and eat dinner with us.  Grandy’s finger-lickin’ southern cuisine is a big hit.                                                                  

Everyone is welcome.  There is no charge to attend.  Donations are appreciated.

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