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I Need Your Help

CALL TO ACTION! I need you to call our TX Representative Reggie Smith's office. As chairman of the House Election Committee, we need his help in getting two important election bills out of his committee right away.

SB 921 and its companion bill HB 3611 have to be voted out of his committee immediately. Session ends the 26th so call, write, or text and ask that the bill be voted on. These two bills would BAN RANKED CHOICE VOTING. Ranked Choice Voting takes away our Constitutional right of "one person, one vote." It's the convoluted system where you rank candidates. That is how Senator Lisa Murkowski was re-elected in Alaska.

The other bill that needs to be voted out of his committee is SB 990. This bill would do away with the countywide polling place program and take us back to PRECINCT VOTING where we have more control over our elections.

Time is of the essence so as his constituent, contact Representative Smith's office right away!

District 62 Austin office number is: 512-463-0297

Sherman office number is: 903-891-7297

Twitter: @Reggie4TX

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