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Join us for a 2020 Census Facebook Live event on Monday

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Our topic is the 2020 Census. Our presenters are:

Phyllis James - Grayson County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Clay Barnett - Director of Development Services/Grayson County Engineer

Andrea Williams - our boots on the ground in Grayson County for our Census

Bob Monk - Census Field Supervisor

Why do we take a census? What purpose does it serve? These and many other questions will be answered Monday evening. Tune in to the Texoma Patriots Facebook page at 7 pm. It will be on our website afterward for those who do not use Facebook.

NORTH TEXAS CENSUS 2020. In the United States, every new decade since 1790 has been ushered in with the Census. This year a complete count is more important than ever. Federal, state, and local governments use census data for things like redistricting and appropriating funds as well as the number of seats Texas will be allowed in the U. S. House of Representatives. Estimates suggest Texas could gain up to three U.S. House seats after the 2020 census. This impacts everything from health clinics, schools, and emergency services to transportation and infrastructure. The 2020 census is the first in which most people are being encouraged to answer the questions online.

On March 9th, the public website dedicated specifically to Grayson County census info, went live. The web address is Beware of fraudulent callers — the Bureau will never ask respondents for their Social Security number, request bank or credit card numbers, seek money or donations, or solicit anything on behalf of a political party.

We invite you to join us Monday evening for a timely and important update on the 2020 Census. To watch the Facebook live, simply visit the Texoma Patriots Facebook page at 7 p.m.

of the recording by Dana Tennyson of Billow Marketing

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