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Meet Tom Homan, retired ICE Director

Since his retirement from public service, he is a FOX News contributor. His book Defend the Border and Save Lives was just released. Homan said “the border wall is a good tool,” and he is 100 percent behind our President’s proposal to build the wall on our southernmost border. He offers proof that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. He’s controversial because he has strong opinions based on facts. He spent 34 years working on the border, and he knows that if we don’t control illegal immigration now, this country will continue to suffer the consequences of crime, drugs, and financial strain - and it will get much much worse.

From a police officer in New York to Director of ICE, Tom’s career has spanned four decades and six presidential administrations. He is not a politician. As a law enforcement officer, he is uniquely qualified to address these subjects with brutal honesty, compassion, and a sincere desire to fix the problems once and for all. And he will share these with us next Tuesday.

You may have seen him this weekend on FOX News. Tom Homan says liberals are using coronavirus as an excuse to free detained illegal immigrants

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