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Action Item - Oppostion to OSHA Vax Mandate

Submit and send your OSHA vax mandate comment. The deadline has been extended.

You have until January 4th 2022 to leave a comment opposing the proposed OSHA rule mandating the Covid vaccine (also known as an Experimental Biological Product) for all employees of businesses with 100+ employees.

Submit and send your OSHA vax mandate comment! If you haven’t yet, please submit your comment before January 4th. We have a sample comment below that you can use to help you write yours. Note: While the courts temporarily halted the vax mandates, the Biden administration appealed the decisions and won; therefore it is being implemented. It will most likely go to the U S Supreme Court for a decision. This is why we must still leave comments opposing the mandate.

While we know that the Biden administration will not listen to the comments, it is important to have as many comments in opposition to the rule on record as possible. Please leave a comment today indicating your opposition. Then, send the links to everyone you know and post it on social media.

Note: in order to share any links, simply open the link, and copy the URL address, and then paste it wherever it is that you are sharing it.

(From Tea Party Patriots Action - 12/6/21 -

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