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Dr Richard Fleming is Monday's guest speaker - join us!

On November 21st (Monday)

Dr. Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD, will be our special guest speaker.

This is a DO NOT MISS program!

We are meeting at the Cannon Baptist Church - 6498 FM 121, Van Alstyne, TX 75495.

Start time is 7 p.m.

Dr. Fleming specializes in cardiology and is a medical patent expert. In 1994 he presented "the Fleming inflammation and heart disease theory." Since the pandemic was introduced into our society and the world, he scientifically explained how COVID-19 is a bio-weapon and detailed how the engineering of this virus unfolded. Dr. Fleming is, however, not without controversy. He challenged the medical establishment, and he, too, was targeted for his work.

Recently he switched his focus from only helping those injured by the vaccine and is now concentrating his attention on investigating and prosecuting the people responsible for Crimes Against America & Crimes Against Humanity. According to the website, “millions of people have been injured or killed by this virus. Why has nobody asked those responsible to be held accountable?” Dr. Fleming has turned his emphasis to getting criminal indictments on those responsible.

Now is the time to band together as Americans to stand up for our rights. It is time for all Attorneys General, District Attorneys, and Prosecuting Officials to remember and execute their oaths! Join us Monday evening to learn what you can do and how you can help.

Everyone is welcome. There is no charge to attend these meetings. Invite your friends.

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