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Enemies Within the Church - showing March 23

Religious freedom is being challenged!

We are showing the film Enemies Within the Church on Thursday,

March 23rd, at the Red River Cowboy Church, 3800 Highway 691 -

Exit 65 off Highway 75 - 1/4 mile West - between Sherman and Denison.

Film start time is 6:30 p.m.

Our religious liberty is under attack. During the “alleged” pandemic, churches were forced to closed their doors. Pastors and lay people have been imprisoned.

We must take a stand to ensure our religious liberties are protected. There has been deep penetration of Christianity by Marxist and Islamist’s. This film exposes the false teachers and their underlying agenda to undermine the influence of Christ in this world.

Our First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion and it forbids Congress from restricting an individual's religious practices. Government officials are not dictators with unchecked power to close every church door and ministry.

The movie encourages the Church to cleanse itself from contaminations imposed by cultural Marxism and a heretical teaching known as "The Social Justice Gospel.” In the end, the film points toward a hope-filled and practical action plan that produces solutions found only in and through the royal Law of Christ.

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