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Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat or “Fortune Favors the Bold”

Chairman Allen West’s message dated 3.8.21 is one we need to pay attention to. It is a guide for “the bold” to take action today.

So what is boldness? Do we need to be bold today? This “Call to Action” is something each one of us should heed. As Colonel West states, “We are faced with a clear and present danger to our personal liberty, freedom, and way of life.”

We are being faced with “cancel culture” and the “most deadly political philosophy that has been responsible, . . . for the deaths of tens of millions all over the world by way of instilling fear, intimidation, coercion, and violence as the means to advance itself.” Our individual sovereignty is being replaced by intrusive government control.

Take heed of some of the pieces of legislation that are being proposed - and passed - by elected legislators at both the State and Federal levels. It behooves us to become familiar with the legislation and to contact our legislators with our opinions on whether they should vote for or against such legislation. Examples are HR 5 known as the Equality Act. HR 127 and HR 130 dealing with our 2nd Amendment protections as well as HR 3 on executive overreach. And there are many, many more.

Go to our website to read Allen West’s 3.8.21 article. To see the Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priorities digital playbook click here. Become informed and take action. The contact information for our state senators and representatives is included in the booklet. Share with your elected officials how you think they should vote on these issues. It is important that each of us do so if we want to preserve the Republic our founding fathers gave us.

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