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May 24 (Tuesday) is Election Day — Again!

May 24th is the Runoff Election for state positions and some have the opportunity to vote for a precinct chair positions in Grayson County.

Which races are on the Republican runoff election ballot?


Ken Paxton - incumbent

George P. Bush - current Land Commissioner

The Attorney General is the state’s top law enforcement officer. The Texas AG leads more than 4,000 employees in 38 divisions and 117 offices around Texas. That includes nearly 750 attorneys, who handle more than 30,000 cases annually – enforcing child support orders, protecting Texans against consumer fraud, enforcing open government laws, providing legal advice to state officials, and representing the state of Texas in court, among other things.


Dawn Buckingham - current state senator

Tim Westley - pastor and historian for the GOP

The General Land Office oversees 13 million acres of public lands and mineral rights, natural disaster recovery efforts, investments for public education and benefits for Texas veterans as well as oversight of the Alamo in San Antonio.


Wayne Christian - incumbent and Commission Chairman

Sarah Stogner - oil and gas attorney

The Railroad Commission of Texas is a recognized worldwide leader in the regulation of oil and gas. It does not run the railroad. The mission statement of the Railroad Commission is to serve Texas by their stewardship of natural resources and the environment, their concern for personal and community safety, and their support of enhanced development and economic vitality for the benefit of Texans.


The following 3 precincts will be voting for a PRECINCT CHAIRMAN: Precincts 106, 109, and 207.

A Precinct Chairman is the central manager for the smallest unit in the Republican Party. The Chairman organizes the precinct, helps with elections, and is a member of the County Executive Committee. The main job is to maximize the Republican vote by getting people involved, identifying voters, registering voters, informing voters, and turning out voters for the elections.

Precinct No. 106:

Bert Dowlen

Robin McCoy - incumbent

Precinct No. 109:

Kaaren Teuber

Sue-Lynn Voigt

Precinct No. 207:

Sandra Lawson

Russell Allen

Early voting runs from May 16 to 20. Election Day is May 24.

The results of the runoff election will decide who is on the ballot in the November election.

People who did not vote in the March 1 primary can vote in either party’s runoff. But if you cast a ballot in March, you must vote in the same party’s runoff.

You can find polling locations for both early voting and Election Day voting on the Grayson County website - or click on the links below.

Email: Phone: 903-893-VOTE (903-893-8683)

Your VOTE is important.


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