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What is Ranked Choice Voting? Get the answer on Thursday

REBEKAH WARWICK of Heritage Action will be our speaker on April 13th. We are meeting at Grandy's, 3201 Texoma Parkway, Sherman.

Join us in the Meeting Room at 7 p.m. Come early and order Grandy's finger lickin' Southern cuisine.

Rebekah is the Central Regional Coordinator at Heritage Action for America. She is skilled in Grassroots organizing and energizes, equips, and activates the Sentinels in her region to engage with their elected officials and their communities on policy issues.

We have asked her to explain to us the disaster that we would face if Texas were to adopt Rank Choice Voting. She will also go over other legislative items that are critical this session in categories such as education, immigration, gender, and ESG.

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) bills filed this session:

SB921 - Hughes - Ban Rank Choice Voting

HB3611 - Cain - companion bill - identical

SB359 - Eckhardt - preferential voting

SB637 - Eckhardt - for special elections

HB1792 - Goodwitt - companion bill - identical

- Ranked Choice Voting or Preferential Voting refers to any voting system in which voters rank their candidates or options - in a sequence of first, second, third, and so on - on their respective ballots.

- It replaces the party primary system where voters elect a nominee to represent their party in the general election.

- Thus, the problem is RCV undermines the American tradition and disregards the principal set forth in our Constitution of “one person, one vote.”

- RCV is also more expensive to run and takes much longer to tabulate.

- So far, only two states - Alaska and Maine - have opted to use RCV, but numerous jurisdictions have adopted RCV for local elections.

- This is a good way to ensure that left-leaning politicians get elected to office.

Contact your Texas Representative and Senator and tell them to not support Ranked Choice Voting. It’s time to Speak Up! Be loud and proud! We can no longer be the silent majority.

The 2023 Texas Legislation Online (TLO) site is a helpful way for you to follow bills that have been filed and learn the status.

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