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Chairman West's 3.1.21 Message - 13 Days of Glory

Yesterday we celebrated Texas Independence Day. Chairman West's missive explains Texas' struggle to become a Republic. Click on Allen West above and read the entire struggle of the patriots who took a stand in 1836 against the Mexican dictator - men like Lt Col William Travis, Jim Bowie, and Davy Crockett.

West writes: "This week, on March 2nd, will be the 185th anniversary of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Those men at The Alamo had no knowledge that they were fighting for a newly established Republic of Texas, but they displayed impeccable character, commitment, and courage realizing that they were preserving the essence of individual sovereignty, something we enjoy today and that we must fight to preserve."

He continues: "This week, 185 years ago, the Republic of Texas was established, a sovereign Republic. Nine years later, the Republic of Texas became the 28th sovereign state in these United States of America." Read the entire story of the Texas fight for freedom. It is now our obligation to continue to keep Texas and America free from tyranny and socialism.

Some of us joined the leaders of Grassroots Gold yesterday on Texas Independence Day at the Texas Capitol in Austin to meet with our elected officials. We discussed the legislation they are working on and shared our thoughts on bills being worked on - election integrity, the electric grid, constitutional carry, redistricting, and reforming the Emergency Powers Act to name a few. The Texoma Patriots members were Anna Wylie, Norma Simpson, and Kaaren Teuber. Tamara Colbert and Paul Hodson led the Grassroots Gold project. We hope you will take the time to visit with your elected officials and share your ideas on the legislation that affects our everyday lives.

Texas Capitol in Austin

Rep Reggie Smith with Kaaren, Norma, & Anna

Sen Drew Springer with Tamara, Kaaren,

Norma, and Anna

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