Contact Tracing Tramples Individual Liberty!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Attend this important meeting on CONTACT TRACING on Monday, June 29, at 7 p.m. at the Grayson County Courthouse, East Courtroom, 100 W. Houston St, Sherman.

The death of approximately 1,500 Texans due to COVID-19 in the first five months of 2020 is unfortunate and alarming until put in perspective by comparing it to the 7,500 Texans who died with the flu.

Overreaching governments arrested and imprisoned individuals for daring to open a business offering services between a willing buyer and a willing seller – both of whom were able to calculate the personal risks to themselves when they entered into the transaction.

So what is Contact Tracing? The state (and nation) are now proposing egregious contact tracing schemes to track and control your movements. In what is being advertised as an “entirely voluntary” system, a positive COVID-19 test will trigger an investigation of you to reveal everywhere you have been and everyone you have been in contact with within a window of time prior to your testing.

If you went to a restaurant, government officials have said they will look at restaurant seating logs to determine who you may have been in close proximity. The government may even review credit card receipts to determine who else was in the restaurant at the same time. If you happen to be one of the persons in the restaurant, will you be asked to self-isolate just because you have been in the same restaurant as someone who tested positi