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From living on the streets to working for the U.S. President

Our next event is Tuesday, August 4, at 7 p.m.

Location is the Elks Lodge No. 2280 in Sherman - 1713 E. FM 1417

Our speaker is Keenan Williams, Strategic Initiative Director for the Trump Campaign

Keenan spoke at our 10 year anniversary celebration and is coming back to talk to our Grayson County community. He is a man of God, a patriotic conservative, and a motivational speaker. We invite the entire community to join with us and hear about his conversion from a young man who took to the streets because he felt he had nowhere to go to become someone who finally took control of his life and, through a newly found meaning in religion, vowed to turn his life around.

He is now an entrepreneur and a well-respected motivational speaker. A former inmate, he inspires others through a Mentor Program. He has gone from living on the streets to working for the President of the United States. “Trump saw who I had become and didn’t care about who I was,” Williams said with a smile. “When I started subtracting all the bad people and things from my life, God started adding and multiplying.”

Everyone is welcome and there is no charge to attend our events.

Invite your family members and friends to join us.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

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