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Herman Cain, Tea Party activist, passes away today.

Herman Cain was an American business executive -- a former Godfather's Pizza CEO, a syndicated columnist, and Tea Party activist, passed away today, August 30, from the 'China virus.' He was a former presidential hopeful known best for his yellow tie and his 9 - 9 - 9 Plan, a tax proposal that was the centerpiece of his 2012 campaign for the Republican Party's nomination for president of the United States.

President Trump nominated him for the Federal Reserve Board, but he withdrew from consideration. He served as co-chair of Black Voices for Trump.

"Herman Cain -- our boss, our friend, like a father to so many of us -- has passed away," were the words on his website posted by Dan Calabrese, who edits the site. He is survived by his wife Gloria and their two children and grandchildren. He was 74.

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