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Mark Your Calendar for June 13th

June 13th, Thursday, Pastor Dan Fisher

will present his live presentation of

Bringing Back the Black Robe Regiment

We are holding an event of historical significance.  Pastor Dan Fisher, actor and author of Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment, is bringing his live presentation to Grayson County.  

Location is Red River Cowboy Church, 3800 State Highway 691, Sherman.   

(The Church is located on hwy 691 - Grayson Dr - just 4/10 mi west of hwy 75)

Start time is 7 p.m.

This highly acclaimed live presentation will be an inspiration to all of us to become more engaged in what is happening around us and do our duties as citizens.  

We invite pastors and their congregations to join us.  It’s the amazing and inspiring story of the Patriot Pastors of the 18th century who preached biblical principles of liberty and government from their pulpits.  Then, when the time came, led the men of their congregations and communities off to defend those principles on the battlefields of our War of Independence.  It depicts how the 18th century church stood for liberty and why it must do so again.

Dan grew up in western Arkansas and felt God's call to the ministry very early.  He preached his first sermon at age 16.  In 2008, Dan started presenting what has become his highly acclaimed "Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment" presentation.  In 2012 he continued to live out the story by being elected to the Oklahoma House of Representatives where he served for two terms.  He is still actively engaged in the defense of truth and liberty.

Plan to attend!  

Everyone is welcome! There is no charge to attend, but we will be taking up a LOVE OFFERING to help cover the travel and honorarium costs for this event.

Dan Fisher will also have his books and other items for sale.

Tea Party events are fun, friendly, and free.  Remember that everyone is welcome to our meetings.  There is no charge to attend and there are no membership dues, but donations are appreciated. 

Here you can meet like-minded freedom loving Texans.  

It’s time to Speak Up!  Be loud and proud!  

We can no longer be the silent majority! 

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