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Saturday, May 6th - Election Day - GO VOTE!

Don't delay! We need to elect strong conservative candidates on our school boards and municipal boards.

The polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM

Find your county’s website, by clicking here

For Grayson County, follow the links:

Elections Administration - Appointed Official: Tamie Hayes Sample Ballots - Click Here -

Borrowed from Grassroots America We The People -

So, what’s the big deal about these elections? They’re just local and I only care about what Washington DC does to us.

Glad you asked! The local officials you hire at the ballot box:

  • pass Washington DC garbage down to the local level through the federal grant programs they love because this “free money” has federal strings;

  • are responsible for the property tax bills you say are too high;

  • can saddle you with more public debt through bond elections, increasing property taxes;

  • spend your local property & sales tax dollars – either wisely or foolishly;

  • set the tone for the culture of your community with sound, principled values or with WOKE, liberal, socialist values that harm children, grow government, and shred liberty. Local officials CAN stop smut in schools and public libraries and can stop drag queen perversions acted out in front of children. Yes, they can, but will they?

How Do I Know if Candidates are Republican or Democrat?

By law, city, school board, community college, and special purpose district races are non-partisanon the ballot; therefore, there will be no party designation listed there; however, you can find out which party primary they vote in, if they vote at all, or if they are only general election voters (which means there’s no way to tell what they are).


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