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Victory for Students!

The Texas State Board of Education Rejects Critical Race Theory in Social Studies Skills.

"The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) met September 26 and voted to adopt changes that needed to be made to align social studies skills with Senate Bill 3, the anti-Critical Race Theory bill, passed by the legislature last year to lay foundations of civic and moral knowledge and to reject harmful Critical Race Theory. The board voted 8-5 to reject all amendments and pass the good draft to align with legislative requirements." (Reported by Texas Values)

Texas Eagle Forum sent out an Action request to its members to: "Contact your SBOE member and ask them to support our current Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) with language added to incorporate the recently passed Senate Bill 3, banning the teaching of the concepts and ideas of Critical Race Theory (CRT). This is what the SBOE asked the TEA to produce at their last meeting, and we want them to stay the course!"

According to Texas Values, "Several 'woke' members attempted to insert non-germane amendments into the alignment draft. However, the Texas Values policy team was present and testified, encouraging board members to reject substantive revisions and to stick closely with the proposed text that kept our national motto, 'In God We Trust' and many references to Judeo-Christian influence."

Many citizen activists called, texted, and emailed their SBOE representatives asking and demanding that they only pass the revisions that align with SB3. Others testified in person.

This victory would not be possible without everyone's involvement. Together we are making a difference!

The only emails we need to write now are ones thanking the Republican SBOE Members (except for Matt Robinson who was a no-show) according to Texas Eagle Forum.

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