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Come join our first meeting of 2021

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Our first meeting of 2021 is Tuesday, January 26th, at 7 p.m.

We are back at Buck Snort BBQ, 224 E. Jefferson St, in Van Alstyne, TX

Our speaker is Rebekah Warwick, Heritage Action Central Regional Coordinator

We have invited Rebekah to talk to us about the following topics that are extremely important to us today:

  • Cancel Culture

  • Back the Blue

  • Grassroots Organizing

As a Heritage Action Sentinel, I have been working with Rebekah for about 6 years. Heritage Action Sentinels are a sister organization to the Heritage Foundation.

We all know and have experienced the fact that too often our lawmakers get elected and forget about the conservative principles their constituents elected them to uphold. The Sentinel program was created to be the top of the spear in the fight to achieve conservative victories in Washington.

We need your voice now more than ever since conservative values are under attack, and we can no longer be the silent majority. You can be a grassroots advocate for conservatism in your community. Join us on the 26th and together let’s learn how!

Come early if you would like to eat before the meeting; Jim is opening the buffet line for us.

Everyone is welcome. There is no charge to attend our meetings or to join the Texoma Patriots.

A very happy new year to all our members and interested supporters!

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