Contact Governor Abbott right away

#SB1311 has to pass! Please click this link & send Gov. Abbott a message to pass #SB1311 to Law NOW!

Vulnerable TX children must be protected from physicians who wish to chemically sterilize and/or genitally mutilate them in an attempt to approximate the opposite sex.

This is not “red” or “blue” nor “left” or “right”. Minor children cannot understand and consent to these practices.

• Their own doctors testified that there are not enough studies to show all the long-term/life-long health consequences of using puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones.

• Countries like Sweden, UK, Finland & now France are halting gender ideology practices “out of concern for medical harm to children.”

• We have video proof of 1 of the 16+ TX pediatric gender clinics setting consultations for a 14 year old biological girl/trans boy to have both healthy breasts cut off AND a 16 year old biological boy/trans girl to have both his healthy testicles cut off.

#SB1311 #SaveJames #ProtectTXKids #HelpNOTDrugs #HELPnothormones #StopChildSterilization