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REMINDER - come meet Chad Prather tonight

Chad Prather, candidate for Governor of Texas in the 2022 election, is speaking at the

Red River Cowboy Church in Denison, TX, at 7 p.m.

3800 Highway 691, Denison -

Chad is often called the “modern day Will Rogers” and is unafraid to speak his mind. He is equally at home on stage or behind the wheel of his pickup truck. Through the power of social media, he may also be one of the most important topical humorists of these current turbulent political times.

Despite not having a political background, Prather believes in winning the race with his values and integrity. Having seen the struggles of average families in Texas such as loss of jobs, loss of business, loss of life due to the horrors of the COVID pandemic, he felt the necessity of helping the community flourish with his leadership and representation. His willingness to take action, motivated him to run to become our next governor. He wants to be a common-sense voice for Texans.

Debbie Georgatos, host of the conservative talk show America, Can We Talk?, will also be here. She is a public speaker, author, past Fox News Radio national political analyst, and former California labor/employment litigation attorney.

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