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2020 -- Year in Review

The Texoma Patriots were active in 2020. The China virus did not slow us down. We held one or two virtual meetings and then were back to live meetings informing the public about issues of the day. We showed the movies Uncle Tom and Trump Card. Since 2020 was an election year, we held several meet the candidate forums and debates. Several of us participated in the GOP precinct and state conventions, and we worked on writing and revising resolutions for the GOP platform. We got quite a few of the ones we proposed adopted. Also on the agenda was block walking and making those political phone calls everyone likes to get. In addition, we did texting and served as poll watchers.

Some of the speakers who talked to our members were Allen West, Republican Party of Texas Chairman, and Dr Robert Lawson from SMU who gave a fun talk entitled ‘Socialism Sucks.’ We had speakers explain about the census and the election and political process. Tom Homan, the retired Acting Director of ICE, talked about border enforcement and immigration. Texas Senator Bob Hall spoke about how contact tracing and the mandated wearing of masks tramples our individual liberty. Keenan Williams, Strategic Initiative Director for the Trump Campaign, gave us an update on the campaign and talked about his transformation from the jail house to going to the White House. His inspiring message was “Trump saw who I had become and didn’t care about who I was.” In addition to meetings, we held 2 overpass rallies, a Trump tractor parade, and a Trump Train caravan around Grayson County (it was a little wet and soggy that day). We were quite creative in finding venues to hold some of our meetings - like outside or in a boxing ring.

Anna and I made trips to Washington D.C. to attend FreedomWorks conferences. These included training on election integrity matters. We also participated in protests outside the Supreme Court building in support of Amy Coney Barrett for Justice. It was quite a year for rallies and protests. Several of us protested against contact tracing and in support of reopening Texas since every job and every individual is essential. The year flew by, and we are now making preparations for our 2021 programs.

To everyone -- a very Happy New Year!

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